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Complex "Briz Panorama" is a residential building with a richly landscaped courtyard without access to cars. In the courtyard there is a sports ground, a children's playground and a gazebo with a barbecue.

The residential building consists of 10 floors and 2 basement levels with cellars, garages and indoor parking spaces. The building is cleverly located with lots of air and space around it, so nothing stops sight in all directions. There is a wonderful sea and city panorama, even from the lower floors. The total number of apartments is 113, located in three sections: All exhibitions of the apartments are favorable, none of the premises in the dwellings are orientated in the direction of pure North.

The complex is of a closed type: access to residential entrances and yard space is limited, security and video surveillance are provided. To ensure the safety of the residents, the terraces
of the dwellings, which are at a height less than 4 meters from the adjacent terrain will be glazed.
Briz Panorama - Галерия Briz Panorama - Галерия

The dwellings are offered with a degree of completion:
walls - gypsum plaster and ground coat;
floor - cement;
terraces - granite, mineral plaster, glass and aluminum railings,
built - electrical and water supply installations, air conditioning, armored entrance door.

Briz Panorama Briz Panorama Briz Panorama

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Briz Panorama Briz Panorama Briz Panorama

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Briz Panorama - ГалерияBriz Panorama - ГалерияBriz Panorama - ГалерияBriz Panorama - ГалерияBriz Panorama - Галерия

Briz Panorama
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