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About the complex
Sozopolis was designed as a replica of the ancient town Sozopol: with its unique architecture and style, romantic cobblestone streets, red roofs and bay 2-storey houses. Houses in the complex are detached and semi-detached. We built them for generations, with top-quality construction materials, to guarantee excellence, comfort and generous space. Most of the houses are with panoramic sea views.
Individual houses are 21, with living area from 350 to 650 sq m and a private garden. Individual houses are offered without finishings, future owners can choose interior design individually.

The semi-detached houses are 56, with 2 or 3 bedrooms, and living area from 140 to 190 sq. m, or you can choose among apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms with living area from 80 to 115 sq. m. Semi-detached houses are available with finishing materials of highest quality, various in color and design.
Sozopolis was designed and constructed by a team of distinguished professionals, to meet up-to-date standards for quality and comfort.
Infrastructure is modern and functional, to guarantee owners comfort.

Streets are spacious and green. Each property goes with a parking lot which is included in the price. Individual properties go with 2 parking lots.
A convenient parking for guests of the complex is located at the entrance of Sozopolis. A professional maintenance team provides care and fluent functioning of all systems & facilities.

The compositional solution is in conformity with the specific characteristics of the plot. The built-up area is located concentrically along the natural amphitheatre of the plot. The access to the houses is from the upper side, and the yard is located on the lower part – viewing the town of Sozopol and the sea.

The landscape is in harmony with the specific architectural style, there are spacious green areas, blooming plants and elegant details.
Venetian Masters discovered the qualities of larch wood and used it for constructing the supporting pillars of Venetian houses. Resinous and resistant to moisture, larch more than three centuries holds unique Venetian houses above water. Sozopolis houses are externally paneled with larch, the material is aging naturally and over time becomes soft-brown in color. The special stone gathered in woods used for external paneling contributes to the authentic architectural style. Facade and insulation systems from "Alsecco". Roofs from "Bramak"

Spacious entrees lead to the living rooms, which open widely to the terrace, directly viewing the sea.  Elevated by one step versus the level of the living room, there is a dining room. In convenient closeness is a kitchen areas. Bedrooms are located on the second floor. Each bedroom is packed with a bathroom and a closet.

The interior solutions are a natural complement of the top quality exterior materials. For terraces and the floors in the living-rooms, for the foyers and bathrooms, we chose Italian floor tiles from Marazzi & Rubiera. Floors in the bedrooms are pine flooring, stairs railings are secured with solid wood. Bathrooms in Sozopolis are spacious and comfortable, to grant owners unique experience and full relaxation.

Furnished houses are type 7. Furniture is not included in the offer price and is subject to negotiations.

Sozopolis - Галерия Sozopolis - Галерия

Offered with finishing works. The roofs of the houses in Sozopolis are completed with first class tiles "Bramac". Entrance door made of solid wood, supplied to us from Slovenian companies "Jelobice". Facade systems and insulation from "Alsecco".

Sozopolis Sozopolis Sozopolis

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Sozopolis Sozopolis Sozopolis
* round the clock security
* gardening and cleaning of common areas
* repairs and maintenance
* individually cleaning of apartments at the request of the owners
* payment of all General and current expenses on behalf of the client
* rent-a-car
* insurance
* kettering restaurant in the complex
* organizing house parties
* Mediterranean gourmet restaurant
* two outdoor swimming pools
* fitness centre
* massage area
* beauty center
* children's pool with slide
* outdoor and indoor Playground with lots of swings
* supermarket
* private beach
* private mineral spring
* yoga
* original Russian Billiards
* organize off-road and buggy drive
* rent a bike

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Sozopolis - ГалерияSozopolis - ГалерияSozopolis - ГалерияSozopolis - ГалерияSozopolis - Галерия

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