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We present a new residential building located in Krastova Vada, next to Cherni Vrah Blvd.

The building has 6 residential floors, it has 26 one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments, studios and a shop on the ground floor, as well as 39 parking lots, 24 self-contained parking lots and 6 garages.

Each of the dwellings contains the following premises:

 - Entrance hall
 - Living / dining room with kitchenette
 - One, two, or three bedrooms
 - Bathroom and toilet
 - Second Bathroom-WC for three-and four-room flats
 - Storage space
 - Balcony

Project Cherni Vrah - Галерия Project Cherni Vrah - Галерия

The construction of the building is skeleton-irregular, with vertical bearing elements made of reinforced concrete columns and washers. The enclosing walls are made of 25 cm bricks with ESP insulation of 15 cm. The inner partition walls are 12 cm thick and are made of brick masonry. Roofing and facade panels will be provided with the appropriate insulation and plaster, providing comfort of living, integrity and durability of the structure.

The building will be gasified. Each apartment will have a divorce for an individual gas boiler. It provides domestic hot water for consumers. The heating is by hot water radiators supplied with boilers. Air-conditioning of the dwellings can be accomplished by installing air conditioners in the living rooms. For this purpose, a divorce installation is provided with a fixed place for the outdoor unit of the system. Heating of the bathrooms in winter is provided by electric wall hangers.

For the sanitary units, suction ventilation is provided by household fans with a flow rate of L = 90 m3 / h, ensuring the required amount of air is withdrawn, which is 90 m3 / h, determined on the basis of an ordinance, and discharged over the roof of the building through a vertical branch Ø160.

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Project Cherni Vrah Project Cherni Vrah Project Cherni Vrah

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Project Cherni Vrah - ГалерияProject Cherni Vrah - ГалерияProject Cherni Vrah - ГалерияProject Cherni Vrah - ГалерияProject Cherni Vrah - Галерия

Project Cherni Vrah
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