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A3 - Advanced Architecture Apartments is an exhilarating residential building, which blends in harmoniously in the environment in which it is situated. The architectural concept is shaped by two points of reference – the mountain and the city. The designated А3 site is situated along the borderline where the city and the mountain merge into one. The lines and sharp boundaries are mellowed down in undulating, smooth forms that enabling onlookers to perceive the exact location and shapes and space in a highly individualized manner. Situated in one of Sofia’s most prominently contemporary areas – the Bulgaria Boulevard – the underlying concept of А3 is of an avant-garde, highly contextual and modern edifice. Some of Sofia’s most architecturally advanced buildings are situated along the stretch of the thoroughfare, including two of Sofbuild’s landmark creations. On the other hand, the dominant feature of the landscape is the mountain shyly overlooking the future building. By combining these robust elements, we have designed a building with a thrilling, dynamic and contemporary shape of unsurpassed functionality. 

The building has been split into five well-defined volumes linked into an ensemble that outlines the overall silhouette. Each of the five constituent parts has stylish, rounded forms leaving the imagination room for free association and interpretation. Although the five elements lend themselves to an easy association with five mountain tops or the silhouette of a family with three children, at a deeper conceptual level out idea was to leave sufficient room for free associations, allowing each individual to forge an intimate connection with the building, give each shape a unique meaning and transform it into a source of inspiration. 

The А3 was designed from the outside in, i.e. it follows the prime imperative of function—an approach that we firmly believe to be the best to follow in residential building design. We have designed an uncompromisingly sound functional scheme that is fully in line with the investor programme. The blueprints reveal regular, orthogonal shapes that provide abundant living comfort and flexibility in terms of interior design solutions. 

We have split the building’s plan of more than 100 metres into five units (entrances), each complete with its own vertical communication solution. Units A and B each comprise two apartments on each floor, and Units C, D and E – three. The small number of apartments heightens the sense of exclusivity and provides more personal space. We have achieved the desired technical and economic indicators of 11 % common areas. Each apartment has excellent functionality and a favourable geographic situation. All daily living spaces face East-Southeast and are adorned with richly decorative glassware, overlooking Mount Vitosha and the city outline. The ground floor is intended for retail stores with a floor area from 50 up to 100 sq. m. Parking is ensured at two ground levels and the surrounding area will be fully landscaped with ample recreation opportunities. 

A3’s design is based on monolithic ferro-concrete structure complying with the latest European unified construction standards EUROCODE. To ensure best construction quality parameters – great strength and low deformability, high-strength concrete of class C30/37 and reinforcement steel of class B500 are used. The foundation of the building represents a foundation slab, 1.40 m thick, which is a guarantee that no defects will appear on walls, floors or ceilings resulting from irregular subsiding of the earthen basis. The floor slabs are 25 cm thick which improves greatly the noise-isolation between the separate floors, and the columns are distributed in such a way as to be usually accommodated within the walls separating the apartments, thus eliminating any restrictions as to the free architectural planning of the interior.

In the seismic aspect, the structure of А3 is unique since there are no deformation joints between the individual sections, which provides for the latters’ joint resistance to seismic impacts. Even in case of the strongest possible earthquake, А3’s stability would not allow for any cracks to appear on walls, floors or ceilings. Actually, this is the latest tendency in the seismic design of great buildings and А3 is the first residential building and the third of all buildings in Sofia belonging to this “family”, next to PARADISE CENTRE and MEGA MALL.

Advance Complex - Галерия Advance Complex - Галерия

East – suspended glass front with details made of high-tech fiberglass concrete.
West – aluminum joinery, structural silicon coat with details made of high-tech fiberglass concrete. 
North and South – aluminum joinery, suspended front made of high-tech fiberglass concrete.  
Unusable flat roof – thermo-, vapour- and hydro-isolated. 
Common parts.
Ground floor: 
walls – ferro-concrete structure and coats, 25cm, fore-wall liner made of gypsum cardboard with latex finish
floors – granite flooring
ceiling – suspended ceiling made of gypsum cardboard with latex finish
lighting – as per architectural design
Floor lobbies:
walls – ferro-concrete structure and coats, 25cm, fore-wall liner made of gypsum cardboard with latex finish
floors – granite flooring
ceiling – suspended ceilings with lighting as per architectural design
Servicing sites at intermediate floor levels:
floor – metal grid
railing as per architectural detail
structure made of metal shutter blinds
walls – structural silicon coat;
walls – ferro-concrete structure, fore-wall liner made of gypsum cardboard with latex finish
ceiling – suspended ceiling made of gypsum cardboard with latex finish
steps made of granite
railing as per architectural detail
Hi-tech lifts made by a leading international producer.  
Underground parking: 
floor – flooring made of ground concrete
walls – plaster with latex finish
ceiling – made of pre-fabricated ferro-concrete slab
An emergency ventilation system will be built in all stairwells and elevator shafts to provide unobstructed evacuation.
It will be built working exhaust systems for both levels of garages, which will dispose of the polluted air in the green areas. The fresh air will be fed freely through the both garage doors. In an emergency situation and a signal from the fire alarm system or manually include emergency suction and blower fans for each individual fire zone.
Cars with LPG system/NGV will not be allowed in the underground garage.
Sewerage installation:
The drainage installation of the air conditioners and the gas boilers will be included into the sewerage system of the building.
Erected system of chutes, grids and pipes to take away all rain waters.
Electrical installation:
Separate electrical boards for the basement premises have been envisaged. The implemented electrical installation features protection rate IP 44. Duty and evacuation lighting has been envisaged as well. The operational lighting is switched on by passive infrared sensors (PIR) and a contactor. The ventilation is operated by a time relay. All lighting bodies are of the fire-proof type and are provided with the appropriate certificate.
Lightning protection installation:
The object features III lightning protection category. To protect the building from direct and indirect lightning hits, lightning protection installation has been envisaged.
Earthing installation:
The earthing installation is a major element of any electrical installation. It is installed to reduce high voltage and take away into the earth the great electrical charge which may be generated in case of a lightning hit or commutation processes in the energy system. The earthing installation removes or restricts the risk of electric installation failures, thus protecting people and equipment from dangerous voltages.

Advance Complex Advance Complex Advance Complex

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Advance Complex Advance Complex Advance Complex
* Lighting and power installations
* Telephone installation, Antenna installation, Internet
* Doorbell and Intercom installation
* Lightning protection installation
* Earthing installation
* Heating and air conditioning
* Ventilation

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Advance Complex - ГалерияAdvance Complex - ГалерияAdvance Complex - ГалерияAdvance Complex - ГалерияAdvance Complex - Галерия

Advance Complex
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