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The Chateau Soleil Project is a luxury residential complex for year-round use located in a rich park environment with a restaurant, spa and a hot mineral water pool. The area of ​​the landed property is 8647 square meters, with five residential buildings with a total built-up area of ​​2400 square meters, the rest being a natural park.

Buildings A, B, C and D are built in a national style - wooden flooring on the top floor, stone ground floor, tiled roof with tiles. Building D is a French-style chalet with a typical mansard floor and French windows.

The complex have a swimming pool with mineral water and in the middle with a beautiful terraced park. All precious perennial trees are preserved. The natural park environment contains oak, beech, walnut and other valuable species. The complex is located 4 minutes from the beach in a natural park area, in close proximity to 7 mineral springs, creating unique conditions for living and relaxation.

The resort has developed infrastructure. Beach strip over 10,000 m with fine sand. The beach offers plenty of entertainment and relaxation. Transport is consistent.

The buildings have different built-up areas and floor. Apartments A, B and C look south only, with corridors only to the north, only the final apartments have a view to the east-west. Building A is 5 storeys with 6 apartments per floor. Building B is 6 floors with 6 apartments per floor. Building B is 6 floors with 4 apartments per floor. In G and D buildings the apartments are oriented to both sides with a corridor in the middle of the hotel type building. Building D is 5 floors with 10 apartments per floor. Building D is 6 storeys plus one underground floor with 16 parking spaces. On the ground floor of building D there is a restaurant, spa, office for service of the complex and security with video surveillance. At 2,3,4,5 floor there are 7 apartments. On the 6th mansard floor there are 6 apartments. The complex has 174 apartments in total.

Chateau Soleil - Галерия Chateau Soleil - Галерия

Chateau Soleil Chateau Soleil Chateau Soleil

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Chateau Soleil Chateau Soleil Chateau Soleil

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Chateau Soleil - ГалерияChateau Soleil - ГалерияChateau Soleil - ГалерияChateau Soleil - ГалерияChateau Soleil - Галерия

Chateau Soleil
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