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Welcome to "Aivazovsky Park" – an excellent complex suitable for any season. Located in the heart of the town of Pomorie and extending on an area of 18 thousand square metres, featuring its own park area.

The overall concept of the complex is based on peace, tranquillity and aesthetics. Aivazovsky Park was designed to be built on the best location. It is characterised by its classical architectural style. With façade ornaments that please the eye, clean-cut lines and beautifully landscaped garden featuring selected plants, it is the dream place to live. 
The complex provides tranquil family atmosphere which can satisfy the need for balanced rest. It is located in the most peaceful and green part of Pomorie - one of the most beautiful and ancient towns on the South coast of the Black Sea.
The urban location where the complex was built allows you to enjoy the beautifully landscaped parks and the wonderful beaches and gives you the opportunity to relax in the superb SPA and balneotherapy centres in the close vicinity.
In Aivazovsky Park, you can make the most of the four seasons all the year round, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city while at the same time being right next to all you need to feel right at home.

Each apartment offers spaciousness and wonderful views, with characteristics matching your individual requirements.
The sea coast of Pomorie is one of the cleanest and most beautiful ones on the Bulgarian Black Sea. It extends to a length of 5 km and a width of 50 m and is covered with black sand, unique for the region. The black sand has high content of iron oxides.
The beach features numerous beautiful spots that can be accessed by people looking for seclusion. You will enjoy a picturesque view to the Burgas Bay.
The entire sea coast is a wonderful place to take a walk, sunbathe, fish or dive.

Aivazovsky Park - Галерия Aivazovsky Park - Галерия Aivazovsky Park - Галерия Aivazovsky Park - Галерия

The apartments in the complex are finalised in full and ready to be furnished. You can choose between view to the internal park or view to the town.
Aivazovsky Park Aivazovsky Park Aivazovsky Park

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Aivazovsky Park Aivazovsky Park Aivazovsky Park
Cultural and historical landmarks in Pomorie:
* Old Pomorian Houses Architectural Reservation
* Thracian dome tomb dated III century BC
* Roman mausoleum dated III century AD
* The XVIII century church Transfiguration of Christ
* The Saint George Monastery
* Archaeological museum
* The Salt Museum - one of a kind in the Black Sea region

Natural phenomena in the region of Pomorie:
* Therapeutic black sand
* Liman lake with high salt content
* Liman mud
* Pomorian lye
* Summer snowflake
* Ornithological observatory

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Aivazovsky Park - ГалерияAivazovsky Park - ГалерияAivazovsky Park - ГалерияAivazovsky Park - ГалерияAivazovsky Park - Галерия

Aivazovsky Park
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