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The large-scale multifunctional complex "Central Park" is located in district Slaveykov, an area with fast-growing infrastructure. The location of the property is close to a large park in the heart of Burgas, close to the newest swimming complex and to Mall Gallery Burgas.

"Central Park" spreads over 35 acres - 200,000 sq.m. built-up area - 150,000 sq.m. of business and residential buildings, two underground levels with 25,000 sq.m. parking spaces. The complex include two business buildings capacity of up to 5000 workplaces, underground parking on two levels with a total capacity of 1 555 seats (500 parking places adjacent to business buildings, 690 parking spaces to residential buildings and 360 parking spaces for public use).

In the complex will be built several residential buildings with apartments, a hotel, two levels of public service in a mix of shops, a fitness center with SPA and Zen Garden, restaurants and cafes, a children's center, relaxation areas and entertainment, multifunctional meeting and event rooms of varying sizes and the possibility of pooling. The complex has a botanical garden with various exotic species. For the needs of residents, workers and visitors there are 1,500 parking places, as well as parking places with the possibility of charging electric cars. A sufficient number of bicycle places are also provided.

The new Class A business offices will meet all the requirements of the modern work environment in the 21st century. The modern office is transformed from a gray room into a color space that provokes creativity and provides the maximum convenience to employees. The office buildings in the business complex will meet the high requirements for sustainability, innovation, ecology, materials used.

In "Central Park" there will also be a closed botanical garden with an area of ​​over 1 decare. In it, all visitors will be able to see hundreds of exotic species, including palm types, cocoa, quinine, mahogany, rubber and ebony wood, orchids and lianas, even carnivorous plants.

"Central Park" is not just fit for life - it's built for it. Two residential buildings, over 70 meters high, with a choice of a total of 460 apartments - each furnished for maximum functionality and an area ranging between 50 and 110 square meters. Get to know the structure of the two buildings and choose a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment with a view of where you want. The parking space is provided and included in the price!

Central Park - Галерия Central Park - Галерия Central Park - Галерия Central Park - Галерия

Central Park Central Park Central Park

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Central Park Central Park Central Park
- 60% upon signing the Preliminary Contract
- 20% on reaching the floor on which the purchased property is located
- 10% upon receipt of Act 15
- 10% upon receipt of Act 16

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Central Park - ГалерияCentral Park - ГалерияCentral Park - ГалерияCentral Park - ГалерияCentral Park - Галерия

Central Park
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