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Complex "Symphony" - luxury residential complex in the elite quarter "Briz".

It is located 15 minutes from the center of Varna, not far from the two main boulevards and is within walking distance of the Sea Garden and the beach.

The complex offers coziness, tranquility and luxury amidst nature combined with panoramic sea views. The apartments are comfortably designed for you, spacious and bright spaces with good distribution with a height of the ceilings of 2.70 m.

The Symphony Complex is built with the highest possible quality of building materials. It consists of two buildings on 16 and 8 floors with a total of 180 apartments, 3 cabinets, in the ground floor 2 shops and cafe. Parking of cars is planned to be within the plot and two underground levels.

Symphony - Галерия Symphony - Галерия

Monolithic reinforced concrete construction, according to uniform European construction norms to ensure high strength;
Foundation plate 1.40m thick, guaranteeing no defects in walls, floors and ceilings from uneven ground deposits;
Floor slabs - 18 cm thick, ensuring high sound insulation between floors;
Columns - distributed optimally so that they fall mainly in the walls between individual apartments, providing free layout of the interior space;
Height of rooms from the 2nd to the 16th floor - 2.7 m .;

Flat roof, warm, steam and waterproof.
Suspended ventilated façade with etalbond and ceramic tiles;

Insulation material - rock mineral wool;
Railings on terraces-glass triplex.

Suspended ventilated façade with etalbond and ceramic tiles;
Insulation material - rock mineral wool;
Railings on terraces-glass triplex.

All the dwellings and commercial areas in the building are offered for sale under BDS (plastered and putty), High-quality aluminum windows with thermo-insulation or multi-chamber PVC with triple glazing;
High class reinforced doors with multipoint locking and armor;
Indoor high class doors;
Mounted video intercom system.

Walls - decorative plaster;
Floorings and steps of granite;
Architectural lighting - LED lighting;
A parapet of architectural details

Preliminary pavements, even during construction, are pipeline routes, with separate indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioning system selected by the buyer.

Polypropylene pipes, which do not degrade scale and do not corrode the plumbing, are plugged;
Counters with remote reading:
The fire installation consists of fire boxes located on each floor with a spout and a hose 20 m long. They are discretely mounted in the building elements of the building.

"Silent" pipework made by a technology that reduces the amount of noise from the run-off water to a minimum;
Drainage system - hidden system for draining rainwater from terraces
Hidden installation for drainage of air conditioners.

Symphony Symphony Symphony

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Symphony Symphony Symphony
Reservation of a property upon payment of a deposit
1000 euro for one-bedroom apartment
1500 euro for a two-bedroom apartment

30% of the amount upon signing a contract, deducting the deposit
25% of the sum on a ready-made roofing slab on the eighth floor
25% of the amount upon completion of the rough construction and signed act 14
20% of the sum of the completed façade, common parts and signed act 15

With credit
15-20% of the amount upon signing the contract
The remaining amount, when the rough term is completed and signed Act 14, when the banks grant a loan and accept newly-built dwellings for collateral.
When paying with credit the price of the apartment
is increased by 1% on the total amount.

The starting prices vary depending on the completion rate of the building at the time of purchase.

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Symphony - ГалерияSymphony - ГалерияSymphony - ГалерияSymphony - ГалерияSymphony - Галерия

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